Services and Facilities

Photocopying, Printing and Scanning

Photocopying and Printing
The Library provides photocopying and printing services for users. There are four photocopiers/printers which support B/W and color printing in both A4 and A3 paper size and offer facilities for text enlargement or reduction. All of them are operated by Standard Octopus cards.

Printing Charge
– HK$0.4 per page for A4 (B/W)
– HK$3.0 per page for A4 (Color)
– HK$0.6 per page for A3 (B/W)
– HK$3.5 per page for A3 (Color)

Receipt of Photocopying/Printing Fee
The Student Union or the related societies can request the receipt of photocopying/printing fee for college activities use.

The printer and photocopier machines Console 1 & Console 2 are now providing scanning service. You can use the Console 1 & Console 2 to scan to your email, free of charge.