User Guide – Item Renewal

A. Renew Your Loan
A1. What kinds of materials can be renewed?

Items located at General Collection and Postgraduate Reading.

A2. What kinds of materials cannot be renewed?
  • Item on New Arrival Shelf;
  • An item is requested or recalled by another user;
  • An item has reached the maximum loan renewal period;
  • Items belong to Course Reading and External Library Card;
  • An item has been declared lost and billed for replacement;
  • The borrower whose borrowing privilege has been suspended or terminated;
  • Borrower’s account has outstanding charges that exceeds the prescribed limit;
  • Borrower’s account has overdue recalled item.
B. Procedure of Renewal

Click “My Library Record” on the “Library Catalogue”

Note: Staff: Enter your Email Name & Password
Student: Enter your Student ID & E-mail Password

Click “Loans” tab to show the number of items that have been borrowed;

Click “Renew all” or click “Renew Selected” to select the desired item to renew;

If the renewal is accepted, the new due date will be shown on screen.

Note: An error message will be displayed if not all renewals were successful.

Click “Log off” at the upper right corner to exit your circulation record.