Library Regulations

Photography / Videotaping / Filming


  1. Applicants who request for photography/videotaping/filming must complete the Request Form and submit it to the Circulation Desk at least 2 days in advance of the requested date within opening hours of the Library.
  2. The photographer/filmmaker/film crew should wear a temporary permission card which is issued by the Library until the end of the photography / videotaping / filming.
  3. Approved photography / videotaping / film shooting activity SHOULD:
    1. 3.1 be conducted by the principal applicant or his/her photography/videotaping /filming team;
    2. 3.2 be carried out during non-peak hours (early mornings, evenings, weekends, non-exam period) ;
    3. 3.3 not impede access to entrance, exits, stairways and corridors;
    4. 3.4 take place in the application zone;
    5. 3.5 not interfere with the study/research activities, privacy or safety of Library users;
    6. 3.6 not move, rearrange or remove any materials, equipment or furniture without prior permission by the Library;
    7. 3.7 keep voice down;
    8. 3.8 comply with the Library Regulations;
  4. The photographer / filmmaker / film crew should gain prior consent of any individual, including library staff or users, who will appear in or be the subject of the photography / videotaping / filming.
  5. The photographer / filmmaker / film crew should restore the original scene and clean the area after photography / videotaping / filming.
  6. If any material, equipment or furniture is found dirty, damaged or lost, the photographer/filmmaker/film crew will be held responsible for cleaning or replacement costs.
  7. The Library reserves the ultimate right to terminate any photography/ videotaping /film shooting activity which causes undue disturbance, violates Library regulations or jeopardizes the privacy and safety of Library staff and users.

Enquiry and Assistance

For enquiry or assistance, please contact the Library Circulation Desk at 2972 7332.