Launch of New Library System (5/7) Usage (2,368)
[Notices] on July 4, 2023

KMS Library is pleased to announce that Alma, the new Shared Integrated Library System, will be launched with effect from 5 July 2023. The Library has enhanced its borrowing service by upgrading the new Integrated Library to a new cloud-based library management system and resources discovery solution, namely the Alma and Primo VE systems.

Alma and Primo VE are the most implemented library management systems in various higher education institutions world widely. With Alma, it provides you with a one-stop search that you can easily search for and access both electronic and print resources. Alma also integrates seamlessly with other library systems, such as discovery services and interlibrary loan, creating a unified user experience. Alma is a comprehensive library services platform that can help libraries enhance their services and operations, resulting in an improved user experience for patrons like you. So why wait? Ask your library on using Alma and start experiencing the future of library services today!

Lastly, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your patience and understanding.

For further inquiries, please contact the Library’s counter at 2972-7332, or via email to:

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