Trial for Da Cheng Data (~25/4) Usage (1,557)
[News] on March 29, 2021

The Library is pleased to offer a trial for Da Cheng Data until 25 April, 2021. If you have any suggestions about the database, please leave your comments [ HERE ]. User feedback is one of the very important factors when the Library subscribes to a new database. Thank you.

Da Cheng Data Access Link
Description: Da Cheng Data includes over 7,000 scholarly journals published in China throughout the period between late Qing dynasty and 1949, totaling approximately 150,000 volumes. The high-resolution, easily navigable digital collection comprises abundant rare editions, which are remarkably valuable sources for research on modern China in the areas of history, literature, education, philosophy, politics, history of science, and more.

**How to access from Library Homepage:
→Click “E-Resources”
→Click “Databases on Trial”