Library Resources Discovery Day Usage (2,789)
[News] on September 18, 2017

Library conducted “The Library Resources Discovery Day” on 28-29 September 2017 successfully. More than 300 students and academic staff attended the 10 briefings and workshops on electronic databases, library resources and services.

Special thanks to Ariti, Shenzhen GTA Education Tech Ltd., EBSCO, Info Access & Distribution (HK) Limited, Wanfang Data and Wisers for sponsorships. Please refer to the lucky draw result listed below.

Gift Winner(Student ID)
IPad 32G Wifi 2014RD201
Eslite (HK$200) 171401013
Eslite (HK$200) 161401209
Eslite (HK$200) 201423203H
Eslite (HK$200) 152301017
Eslite (HK$200) 166110208
Starbucks (HK$100) 201433604E
Starbucks (HK$100) 176110222
Starbucks (HK$100) 172301001
Starbucks (HK$100) 171401007
Starbucks (HK$100) 172601003
Starbucks (HK$100) 2013RD303
Starbucks (HK$100) 176110234
Starbucks (HK$100) 152601002
Starbucks (HK$100) 201433603E
Starbucks (HK$100) 172301205
Commercial Press (HK$100) 201423205H
Commercial Press (HK$100) 172301007
Commercial Press (HK$100) 162602201
Commercial Press (HK$100) 201426204H
Commercial Press (HK$100) 152301003
USB Charger 171401018
USB Charger 201433010H
Silicone Water Bottle 166110213
Silicone Water Bottle 2013RM202

Winners will be notified by student email on or before 3 October 2017.

Upon prize redemption, please come to the KMS Library and present your valid CHCHE Student Identity Card by or before 11 October 2017 during the Library opening hours. The prize will be forfeited if you do not respond within 7 days of being notified.